Aluminum Noise Barriers A-Series

The module consists of an aluminum trapezoidal plate with one side perforated and the other side without perforations. It contains a rockwool sheet with high density which is coated on one side with black glass tube. 


The module height is 500 mm and can be produced in different thicknesses, with different lengths, and side covers.


Aluminum sound barriers have a 25 dB sound insulation index (DLR) value according to EN 1793-2 test results and a sound absorption index (DLα) value according to EN 1793-1 test results, which are made at international accredited acoustical laboratories and at the same time according to Turkish standarts TSE EN 1793-2 and TSE EN 1793-1. This value falls within the B3 insulation class and the A4 absorption class, which is the highest class according to Annex A classification section of the same standard.


Advantages of the Product


- Sound Insulation and Absorption Property

  The Material provides sound absorbation besides sound insulation.


- High Acoustic Performans

  The material offers high acoustic performance with a sound insolation index (DLR) value of

  25 dB which is the highest insulation class and a 20 dB sound absorption index which is

  the highest absorption class.


- With a Modifiable Width, it is Compatible with Different Profile Types

  With its Side Covers and its variable width, the module can be adapted to different Profile



- Resistance to Corrosion

  Because of a polyester powder coated surface, the material offers a high resistance to



- Worldwide Usage and Compilance to Noise Barrier Standards

  The material is widely used all over the world and is suited to all the noise barrier


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Another point to be careful about when building noise barriers is that the material is not only sound-insulating but also sound-absorbing. This prevents that the noise level is increasing in one place while decreasing in another place.