About Us


fidesgrup, started its activities on the noise barriers in 2006.


On this issue, which is very new to our country, first we examined the noise barriers that have emerged as a result of 30 years' experience in Europe and focused on the noise barrier solutions that could be most appropriate for our country. As a result of this, fidesgrup has taken the representative of the world's leading transparent noise barrier product PLEXIGLAS® Soundstop in Turkey. In addition to transparent solutions, fidesgrup has cooperated with various companies in Europe for other noise barrier solutions .


Since 2012, fidesgrup has been fully oriented to domestic production. Because of this reason, fidesgrup began to produce Turkey's first and only 100% domestic noise barrier modules at the Factory in Kırklareli.


Since 2008, fidesgrup has worked with Institutions, related to noise barrier solutions, like the 17th Regional Directorate of Highways, the Transportation Department of Kayseri, the Automobile Sports Federation of Turkey, Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul and has realized noise barrier projects of about 10.000 squaremeters.



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